Shell Lubricants Services repositioning and campaign roll-out

Shell Lubricants Services repositioning and campaign roll-out

The brief
In the past, Shell Lubricants placed much of its differentiation on its products however, in today’s market there are many lubricant suppliers which offer quality at an affordable price. The vision was to evolve from a product-centric offer to an end-to-end solution provider, becoming the partner of choice for our B2B customers and driving new revenue streams as a result. The aspiration was to reach more customers and distributors in a more scalable manner through the Shell service offer.

The challenge? How do we create differentiation for Shell to help justify the premium price in the customer’s mind based on the overall value we can provide? The Answer? Leverage the technical services as a key differentiator on top of their products.

To help identify the right communications approach, whilst working with trusted partners around the business, we undertook a small programme of testing presenting the target audience with alternative messages and visuals and seeking to identify which would have the greatest impact.

The online survey took place between the 15th and 23rd October 2018 in the UK, US and India, with 35 participants in each market. Participants were those who sourced or used industrial lubricants in the course of their work. Participants were first asked to choose between two key messages: LESS DOWNTIME MORE GO TIME or GET ACCESS TO SHELL EXPERTISE.

Overall there was a preference towards ‘Get access to Shell expertise’ – particularly in India. In the UK and US, both messages were also well received however the UK was most drawn to the ‘Less downtime’ message.

The US reported a marginal preference towards ‘Shell expertise’ but is less clear in its choice. In all 3 markets, ‘Shell expertise’ is the message that most respondents felt would make them want to find out more about Shell lubricants.

The Creative
The services element of Shell Lubricants such as LubeAnalyst, LubeChat and LubeMatch were also repositioned under an umbrella of ‘B2B Lubricants’ and provided with clear descriptors to introduce the different sub-brands. For example, LubeCoach became Training Programme, LubeMatch became Oil Selector and LubeAnalyst became Oil Analysis. Working with creative teams, we rolled this out over a number of different touchpoints such as brochures, roller banners, social toolkit, press ads and a promotional video for local markets to implement.

The photography depicts a Shell expert in consultation with at least one customer. The Shell expert is holding a digital tablet and engaging the customer in on-screen content or in conversation, highlighting the advice and expertise Shell offer. The image library contains people and backgrounds that cover a wide range of industry sectors and international markets. We also provided strategic and artistic direction for the film which and scripted both a 15sec, 30 sec and 1 min video to be used across various social channels and on the landing page.


March 27, 2019


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