Our story

How we got to this point

Location Isn’t Important. Time Is What Matters.

Imagine if remote workers and freelancers operated in a way that was smart, collaborative, and rewarding for both businesses and creatives?
That was Dave Carter’s thinking after years in the creative sector back in London. He knew that the traditional agency model needed an alternative. High overheads and a limited pool of talent were creating problems. Sometimes things were challenging, inefficient, and expensive – impacting both client-side marketers and agency creatives.
But it didn’t have to be this way…
He started working as a freelancer shortly after moving to Medellin, Colombia, finding that there was so much more flexibility in working remotely. This proved to be a definite advantage to both himself and his clients – predominantly startup businesses with quite specific marketing needs.
As tech continued to make collaboration so much easier, and given the ongoing rise of the freelance economy, Dave felt it was time to offer clients something different: an agile agency able to meet the needs of innovative startups right across the World.
On his return back to London, Dave knocked around some ideas on a back of an E-cig case with some old friends.

And Clockwork was born.

Why Clockwork?

We give you access to the best independent marketers, designers, journalists, coders, and copywriters in the world – 24/7. You need an agency that works like you do – all the time. So that’s exactly what we’ve created: an international team of creatives and account handlers who are ready to work when you are. Anytime.

Time Solutions

The work comes first.

So we’ve made when and where it’s done irrelevant; as long as it’s delivered on time. The client’s time.

We offer the perfect mix of creativity and accountability:

a network of trusted freelancers and a core team of dedicated account handlers. All the good agency stuff: without the overheads or delays.

We're global in scope, local in delivery.

We can source the best international talent for your startup’s marketing needs.

Remote is most definitely ok.

We want to work with the best people we can find – wherever they are: both clients and creatives.

Data. And creativity.

All of our projects are anchored by industry data, so there’s always a benchmark we can measure against. We also measure our projects using analytics. We deliver ROI as well as creative output.

Strategic vision for your media goals.

Rigorous strategic planning is all laid out ahead of any campaign or project: so that expectations can be met and creativity can flow in the right direction.

The Lean/Agile ethos can be adapted for marketing.

We create and iterate ideas – like software devs. We find a way through ‘doing’.

Transparency matters.

We’re open and honest with our clients about who they work with and the methods we use.

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