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Hi! We’re Clockwork.

We’re a tech-focused startup agency! We give other startups and enterprises access to the best independent marketers, designers, coders, and copywriters in the world – 24/7.
Startups need an agency that works as they do – all the time. So that’s exactly what we’ve created: a network of trusted creatives all over the world – across multiple timezones – and a core team of dedicated account handlers.
Clockwork is a full-service online marketing and PR agency that offers the perfect mix of freelance flexibility and agency professionalism. All the good agency stuff: without the overheads or delays.
The goal of Clockwork is to offer the same quality, service, and accountability as a traditional agency: but with a startup’s Lean/Agile ethos.
Our story

Dave Barton

Content guy

Creative Copywriter with startup and blockchain savvy. Seduced by novelty. Nourished by variety. Sustained by irony.

Dave Carter

Digital and PR guy

Dave has over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience helping companies large and small grow

B2B Content & Comms

From web copy, blogs, video scripts, and whitepapers; to verbal identities, case studies, social posts, and even the odd Alexa Skill — we’ve helped both big names and up-and-comers get their comms firing on all cylinders.

Media Coverage

Launching a new startup? So is everyone else (and their mum).

As a founder, you can do anything, right? But you can’t do everything. After all – you’re the smart cookie building the tech, making the deals, and growing it all into something huge.


Finding it hard to know exactly who you are? What makes you truly unique? Well, we can help you work that out.

Our team of branding experts can help nail your mission, proposition, elevator pitch and tone of voice.

We can then turn these words into a visual identity to help really get you noticed!

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