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What We Do

Don’t know how to tell your story? Not sure how to get recognised? Want to be seen on social or in the media? We can help.

How We Do It

Your story is what’s going to sell your startup and build trust. Without that you have nothing. And good stories are the ones that never end. By reinforcing your story and building on your narrative you will be heard — and that’s where we come in!


Introducing Dave B & Dave C!


Dave Barton is a man of many written words. He’s our guy who cuts through the BS and gets straight to the heart of your story. Dave Carter will get your story out there! He’s our digital marketing and PR guy who avoids pinstriped suits and that estate agent, marketing buzzword vibe at all costs.


Our approach always starts with your story then we tie it together through good old PR, Social and Digital strategy. Simple, clear and concise messaging. Talking like a human. It’s what works and it’s how we’ll get you cutting through the noise. 
Our story

Dave Barton

Content guy

Creative Copywriter with startup and blockchain savvy. Seduced by novelty. Nourished by variety. Sustained by irony.

Dave Carter

Digital and PR guy

Dave has over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience helping companies large and small grow

Web Copywriting & SEO

Pump up your growth with content that makes search engines happy and readers even happier.

Digital PR

Imagine having coverage in Mashable, Entrepreneur or Forbes? We can help you be the thought leaders in your industry.

Web Design & Rebranding

Need a brand makeover or new website? We will work to captivate your audience and drive more traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your audience, engagement, leads and sales on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — you name it.

Google Analytics Management

We'll check your stats each day to ensure you're on track to smash your KPIs and send you monthly reports to prove ROI.

Website maintenance and security

As the digital world grows by the minute so does security concerns. Clockwork can keep your website door locked keeping out anyone with bad intentions.

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We Did Some Thinking

This Lot Like Us!

Our Skills

Our team is passionate about collaborating with clients; adding value, creative zest and technical excellence along the way to deliver great work that not only hits the brief but generates powerful results.

We have worked in many different sectors such as Education, Energy, Startup Tech, and even Blockchain. We believe communication lies at the heart of all great work; but you know your business and we know performance marketing. Bring them together and results will happen.

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Content Marketing 0
Startup and Small Business PR 0
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Create, Publish, Amplify, Repeat!

Using digital marketing tactics along with traditional marketing strategies, you can optimise and maximise the results of your campaign. Consumers are going digital and that is why you need to be ready for them. Luckily here at Clockwork, we can help you with your strategy and growth plans.

We have a number of growth packages that can help kick start your business online. If you need something extra then lets talk.

Time Packages start at £850/mo

Consumers Are Savvy!

77% of B2B purchasers won’t speak to a salesperson until they’ve done their own research.

Why Blogging is Important?

57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog.

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