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Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. But their sophisticated technology stories were not being told as they should as the messages were becoming too complicated and technical, especially for the C-Suite audiences. They needed to change the direction of the narrative and up level the conversation.

What they they needed to do was speak ‘human-to-human’ – not business to business.

Client: Red Hat
Industry: Software
Year: 2020
Cave Man Red Hat


Over 40 stories with videos, animations, podcasts and other supporting materials created


“The guys at Clockwork are awesome! We needed support in developing our story assets and they helped with our team positioning, name, and brand and then created a solid strategy and execution plan to deliver customer success stories over a range of different assets and media. They just get it and get the job done”

Paul Alves
Red Hat Sales & Marketing Manager

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